Old School, GDK-style

Session 1: Lundain, Fyrmont 15th, AC1000

Arrival at the Keep

Play begins with the characters meeting and arriving at Castellan Keep, far in the northeastern corner of the Duchy, among the Altan Tepes Mountains. It is late summer.

Recap (feel free to edit or add to):

Topper, Beanie, & Brother Wimple –after escaping from their “community service obligations” in Kelvin (see map)– found their way to Castellan Keep in the northeastern part of the Duchy. Nearly broke, they did their best to learn of employment opportunities at the Tilted Mug, the local tavern. Beanie and Topper spent some time dicing with locals and heard a rumor regarding a wealthy merchant who is believed to have been abducted on the road by bandits or savage humanoids. Brother B spent some time chatting with a traveling friar about local conditions. In the end, they decide to follow up on the lead about the missing merchant.

The next day, the trio inquired about meatshie- ahem qualified subcontractors to assist in their rescue attempt. They hired Genno, Piotr, and Max: three indentured fellows currently working off their debts in the keep’s stables. The deal was for them to act as torchbearers and porters (noncombatants) and receive one-fifth of any coin earned or found.

On the way toward where the merchant’s wrecked wagon was found, the party encountered an ambush party of four goblin archers. Despite the creatures’ pitiful skills, Genno was cruelly stabbed in the groin and quickly bled to death. The rest of the group was able to finish off the monsters without further loss of life. Other than some crude bows and arrows, the goblins only had a handful of silver pieces between them. The party made a quick search of the area for more threats or an obvious trail, but –having found nothing– they decided consign Genno to the earth where he fell and press on.



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