Pere Perdu of the Good Earth

Stout-hearted neutral priest.


Upon acceptance as an initiate, Perdu was “born again” in celebration of the cyclical nature of life and the universe. On achieving priesthood, he underwent the Second Shearing, symbolically cutting ties with his past and setting out to wander the world, doing good as an itinerant healing, spiritual advisor, and holy warrior.

In the town of Kelvin, Perdu became carried away during the new year’s celebration and was imprisoned for rowdy behavior. The harsh, Thyatian baron was trying a three-part system of punishment: hard labor, maiming, and death. Drunk and disorderly earned “hard labor:” clearing rocks from the fields. Perdu’s lot fell with two other over-celebrators, a tall skinny fighter (Topper) and a sneaky female halfling (Beanie). In due course, their work shift rotated to a particularly incompetent supervisor. Beanie found opportunity to lift the man’s manacle keys from his belt unnoticed, and Perdu dropped a magical darkness around his eyes that blinded him for two hours — long enough for the trio to lope into the woods and be gone.

Eventually the three found work with a traveling merchant, earning enough to buy some equipment and finally finding their way to the Keep on the Borderlands.

Pere Perdu of the Good Earth

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