Pretty good with that sword. And check the helm!


Tenniel’s been around. He’s been some places. He was a guard once, for a minor noble, but that wasn’t exciting, so he left. He’s had some good jobs and some close shaves.

He’s got a helm that’s seen some action, that’s for sure. Depending on his mood, you’ll get the story of how he won it at dice, or took it off the captain of a troop he fought single-handedly, or found it in a cave he happened to camp in one night, a forgotten remnant of what must have been a mighty hoard.

He owns that bastard sword, and that glaive, and his armor and shield; but he’s looking to put a polish on all of them, and maybe buy a horse so he doesn’t have to walk from town to town. Sure, he’s interested in a job. What’ve you got.


Old School, GDK-style gairim